Waveware works with athletes and people who play various sports, interact with them. We are researching and developing to repay you with better products.

Masha Alieva(@mashafigureskater)

Professional Figure Skater

Marcia is a figure skater who wears wavewear during training.

she's a muscle-intensive skater, and the compression leggings of wavewear

Helps reduce pain and fatigue.

"WaveWear really help me during practices." 

Weichuan Dragons Baseball Players

The Waykyong Dragons is the most popular professional baseball team in Taiwan. Dragon's x waveware product testmonial allows waveware to be used for new products and baseball games. We've gone through in-depth testing of the effects.

"The product is light but the effect is good."

"Feels good."

"Easy to use, easy to wear."

Rob Riches (@robrichesfitness)

A famous fitness YouTuber and influenza A fitness cover model from England, a player, who produces content for those who want to build a more fit, stronger, healthier body. Waveware worked with Rob to check the effectiveness of wavewear guards and compressionwea in  fitness.

"This wonderful silicone provides amazing elasticity and adhesion while we train and warm up."

Jeong Hannarae

Professional Golfer from the KLPGA

In the development of the wavewear forearm protection team, we minimize any inconvenience that may occur during swing exercise through collaboration with professional golfers. When swinging, such as knees and forearm muscles, it helps ease the burden and improve your skills.

"The adhesive silicone embedded inside the product can feel the taping effect, so you can trust and make a powerful swing."

"When I was swinging, there was no shaking, and silicon held me well without any foreign texture, so I felt stronger when impacting."

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