WaveWear’s kinesiology taping effect is created by BWAS™, our adhesive silicone that is built in the apparel. Adhesion of the silicone may weaken after repeated usage. This is due to dust, lint, and dead skin cells covering the silicone. Basically, washing WaveWear using neutral detergent is good enough to revive the adhesion. 

Or if you are in a hurry, using sanitation wipes or alcohol swabs are good enough. 

But after few months of continuous usage, you might feel the adhesion has weakened even after the wash. In this case, microscopic dust and lint could have gradually accumulated on the surface of the silicone. We have tested that dry cleaning is the answer to this situation (and used our microscopes to check the result). 

Dear cusotmers, we would like to intoduce new shipping method, Korea Post's 'Small Packet'.

Korean Postal Service introduced the 'Small Packet' as an intermediate shipping method
between EMS and international registered mail.

The delivery is traceable here


'Small Packet' includes a tracking number, with a delivery window that is faster than international registered mail but not as fast as EMS.

The shipping fee varies according to the package’s weight. 

Please refer to the shipping fee table.


from Airmail – letters (excluding aerogram and air postcard), Surface mail – parcels (underlined countries available for surface mail)


(Implemented since July 1, 2017)

The 'Reflective Black' series have silver colored films on the outside.

As illustrated below, the two incomplete 'V' shaped films are attached on the products. 

Alligned next to each other, they should resemble a 'W'.

The 'Rad' series have their size and orientation labeled on the ankle area. 

For example, 'SM - L' indicates a small sized product intended for left calf.

Some of our product sizes overlap between two sizes. 

If you want a tighter fit, please pick the smaller size. 

If you want a more comfortable fit, please pick the larger size. 

Calf Sleeve: Please measure the thickest part of the calf.

Elbow and Forearm Sleeve: Please measure the elbow joints.

Knee Sleeve : Please measure the knee and thigh.

Wave Wear was designed to not exceed 4 kps of compressive pressure, which is the industry standard for over-compression.

As WaveWear was designed to mimic the kinesiology taping effect with WSF silicone, excessive compression is not necessary. 

We have optimized Wave Wear's compression to maximize blood flow while minimizing muscle vibration.

Although the bio silicone is designed safe for human skin, dry skin may increase the friction between the silicone and the skin while moving and may result in skin irritation. 

To prevent this, we strongly recommend that you moisten your skin prior usage.

Yes, WaveWear is maching washable in cold water. 

However, handwashing is always recommended for the longetivity of the product. 

When using a washing machine, make sure that WaveWear is properly oriented (reflective coating outside and silicone layer inside).

To wash the WSF silicone, hand wash the silicone in running cold water. 

For a more thorough cleaning, wipe the silicone with alcohol on dry cloth.

WaveWear was designed to support the muscles and joints by combining the advantages of kinesiology taping and compression wear.